Special Projects
Special Projects

Hydrostatic Shock Tube Switch


The Hydrostatic Shock Tube Switch is design to create a break in the lead line of the explosive Train.

Patent GB2574485

If a premature initiation of the shock tube takes place the switch will block the shock wave signal passing through and initiating the Charge.

The Hydrostatic switch can be configured to customer requires but in its standard setting is designed to activate at and depth of 8-10m.

The switch can be fitted with any interface to suit any customer configurations.

Designed for use on any Cobra MDS product however can be adapted to be effective on any Nonel explosive train.

  • Operates between 8-10m
  • Improved safety for all Nonel Systems
  • Cost Effective
  • Can easily be modified to operate at any depth
  • Non-magnetic construction,
  • Buoyancy neutral
  • Can be used with all CobraMDS products
  • Uses 3mm Shock Tube
  • Rated down to 100 metres
  • Can be adapted to any Nonel EOD charge

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