Special Projects
Special Projects

Viper MDS


The Viper MDS, IED Neutralisation System can be deployed by any ROV. It is a safe and cost-effective accessory, designed principally for use on medium to small ROVs and has been adapted to fit to a large range of ROVs. It is used for disposal of IED threats, mines and Historic Ordnance.

Neutralisation or High order detonation is achieved by one 50mm Dia self-fill shaped charge disruptor.

The Viper is Buoyancy compensated to "neutral" buoyancy when fitted to the ROV. On attachment to the target using the fully patented NAU the disruptor is released with the ROV returning to the surface bringing the shock tube lead line back to the surface. The shock tube lead line can then be either attached to a manual initiator or by an RF initiator using the Phantom initiation float.

The Disruptor is interchangeable with any of the CobraMDS Range.

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