Special Projects
Special Projects

Cobra SeaFox


Cobra SeaFox is designed to neutralise UxO (unexploded ordnance), including floating drifting mines and other underwater munitions and historic ordnance.

  • o/a Length: 500 mm, Width: 480 mm, Height: 230 mm
  • Weight in air (fully loaded): approx 8kg
  • Materials: Reinforced GRP, HDPE, Aluminium
  • Operation Depth: from 0 to 300 meters (including Surface Operation)
  • Attachment to target by twin NAU's (other methods of attachment available)
  • Trigger initiation: 75 Newtons
  • Mine Detonation: Twin "BX-90" Shaped Charge Disruptors (approx. 2 kg NEQ)
  • Operational Temperature Range: -10° to +50° C
  • Storage Temperature Range: -30° to +70° C
  • Both tethered initiation and wireless detonation from up to 25 km range
  • Can be safely recovered after launch if command priorities / target parameters change.
  • Deployable from RhiB, Ship or Shore-Based facilities.

COBRA is supplied in recyclable boxes foldable to be stored flat.

Cobra Modular Mine Disposal System

  • Low cost disposal capability
  • Multiple target prosecution / multiple target initiation
  • Acoustic Initiation capability
  • Remote RF-coded initiation capability
    • Commercial up to 1km
    • Millitary unit up to 22km
  • Methods of attachment to target:
    • Nail attachment units
    • Harpoon for soft-skinned targets
  • Hydrodynamic, buoyancy compensated, one-shot, detachable cowl
  • Non-Electrical (NONEL) components and Non Primary Explosive Detonators (NPEDs), classified 1.4S
  • Non hazardous prior to final preparation
  • Can be used with any commercial / military primary energetic and has been tested with C1, C4, PE4, PE7, M46 & Semtex
  • Ultimate control of initiation on demand without any time limitation


  • Fully endorsed and approved for use with Seafox I by Atlas Elektronik GmbH
  • Deployed against live ordnance targets in Open Spirit 2011
  • Live firing demonstrations to European navies in a variety of environmental conditions
  • Further live demonstrations and NATO exercises scheduled
  • Many successful live firings achieved with 100% success rate
  • Targets have included Soviet MO8,M12, M26 and German RMH, TMC, EMC2 and G1
  • Demonstrations have been successfully completed with Royal Netherlands and Belgian Navy MCM forces


The Cobra system has various methods of initiation dependent upon individual requirements ranging from the Manual Handheld Initiator, (which is provided in the Cobra Toolkit), to RF and Acoustic Initiation.

Handheld initiator
The Manual Initiator is a simple and effective hand-held device that uses a standard Shot Shell Primer cartridge. It provides a cost effective and reliable all-weather means of initiating shock tube.
Recommended depth - Surface to 300 metres

Acoustic Initiation
The acoustic initiation module has been developed to provide a compact method of initiation when shocktube or RF are inappropriate. Using this method a surface float is not required.
Recommended depth - 50 metres to 300 metres

Surface Initiation Float
The re-useable Surface Initiation Float can hold a variety of proprietary RF shocktube initiators. The “Breach” initiator allows a standoff from target of typically 1km, other RF initiators can increase this range to 25kms.
Recommended depth - Surface to 300 metres

Tow-Behind Float
The Stealth and Tow-Behind Float employ a disposable coded RF initiator. Once deployed they can be initiated individually or by a single “page” signal.
Recommended depth - 10 metres to 30 metres

Submersible, Releasble Float - SRF
The SRF also uses a disposable RF initiator that is held in a float that is released upon attachment to the target and initiated remotely by the coded RF link.
Recommended depth - 20 metres to 100 metres

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