Special Projects
Special Projects

Mine Targets


ECS Special Projects Ltd supply a variety of Inert Target Mines that have been provided to numerous customers including the UK MOD. We offer custom products that can be designed to exact customer specifications and produced in assorted materials from steel, aluminium, and wood to GRP. We can also embody preferred method of laying and recovery.

ECS Special Projects Ltd are capable of supplying virtually any type of training aid, our strategic partners production and fabrication capabilities make it possible for us to offer a comprehensive line of Inert Target Ordnance, from simple one off items to large scale productions using state of the art machinery and techniques.

The Inert Target Mines can be provided with specifically designed launching systems and Universal trolleys along with various recovery methods to suit the customer's requirements.

Whilst all items are 100% inert; they mimic the form and mass, including the sonar signature, of the real item to enable representative training and practice.

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