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Special Projects

Vessel Arrest Launcher


The Vessel Arrest Launcher is a pneumatically powered line deployment tool capable of delivering ‘Vessel Stopping - Method of Entry’ & ‘Defensive Tools’. The use of compressed air avoids the generation of flash, heat or noise. The Vessel Arrest Launcher delivers the solution to safe deployment.

  • Benefits / Features Deployed with a lightweight hand held compressed air launcher
  • Capable of stopping high-speed craft with single or multi-engine setup
  • Ideal for tactical mobile response applications
  • Multi-shot capability
  • Unique reverse acting piston
  • Stand-off distances can range between 5m to 25m
  • Tested and approved by an independent third party laboratory


The Vessel Arrest Launcher provides diverse capability to compliment the operator(s) requirements in all urban, altitude and maritime operational capabilities.


  • Vessel Arrest Deployment using the Entanglement Device.
  • Ship to ship messenger line deployment 4mm to 6mm
  • Ship boarding with Ladder Deployments of 9m to 20m
  • Urban applications including building entry using line and ladder deployments
  • Climbing line deployment 7mm, 8mm, 10.5mm and 12mm.


The Vessel Arrest Launcher provides a multi-role capability allowing the operator maximum flexibility from the tool.

  • 63mm calibre. 2.0 kj muzzle energy
  • Deployments pressure can be set from 50 bar up to 100 bar
  • Range up to 24 metres with Entanglement Device
  • 0.5L air cylinder giving 12 shots
  • Quick release interchangeable deployment basket
  • Constructed from aluminium, nylon and stainless steel
  • Aluminium components are anodised
  • This unit is suitable for marine operations.
  • It can be fully immersed in seawater without detriment to its operating life.


The Vessel Arrest Launcher has a full range of additional products, these products compliment whichever operational theatre you are working in.

  • Boat mount 
  • VAL-30 (30mm calibre for messenger line deployment)
  • Boarding and access Lines
  • Boarding and access ladders
  • Folding Launcher Grapnel



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