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Special Projects

BX30i RF


The system consists of various ECS Special Projects Ltd products, the Nail Attachment Unit (Patent Number GB2483861), BX-30 Disruptor, xLS Laser and our RF Float Phantom Submersible.

The system is completely modular and will fit on any ROV.

The Nail Attachment Unit (NAU) is a surface and underwater nail gun designed for temporary or permanent attachment.

The NAU is similar in operation to a powder actuated proprietary nail gun except the hardened stainless steel nail is retained in the unit once activated. The NAU is activated by pressing the forward facing trigger this releases the nail and attaches to the target medium i.e. steel, concrete, wood or fibre glass.

The BX-30 is a cost effective, self-fill, easily transportable, IED/UXO mine disposal disruptor.

The BX-30 has a variable NEQ up to 50gs. It can be used to Neutralise targets of UXO either directly or through intermediate medium.

To facilitate accurate aiming the system uses the Cobra expendable targeting laser (xLS). The xLS has a safety feature equipped in the form of a hydrostatic switch .

The system uses NONEL detonators and shock tube and is fully compatible with all Cobra initiation systems.

The Phantom Submersible initiation float is a robust, non-magnetic, aluminium float intended for the RF initiation of subsea NONEL devices. It is supplied with a canister of 100m pre-wound shock tube and a watertight Compartment rated to 100m .

The float can be used with a variety of existing proprietary RF shock tube initiation devices including the Breech or Breech MC.

It can be supplied in a variety of colours depending on the application along with strobe lights or a pinger devise to aid recovery.

The manipulator interface consists of the NAU, BX-30 and the xLS and is held in the manipulator of the ROV. The Releasable float is held in a bracket on the ROV with the Shock tube Lead Line connected to the manipulator interface.

The ROV approaches the target and attaches, on activation of the NAU the Float is simultaneously released to the surface. Once the operator is happy with the attachment the interface is released and the ROV returned to the LARs.

Once complete the RF signal is sent to the Float and initiation of the disruptor takes place via the shock tube.

The Disruptor is interchangeable with any of the CobraMDS Range.

  • Non-magnetic Aluminium, Stainless Steel & Plastic construction
  • Attaches medium to variety of targets e.g. steel , concrete, wood or GRP
  • Dual safety features
  • Uses commercially available consumables and RF initiation devise
  • Supplied inert
  • Can carry any disruptor from the CobraMDS Range
  • Patented NAU with forward mounted trigger action
  • Operational depth down to 100m
  • Can be used for Neutralisation or High Order

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