Special Projects
Special Projects

Laser Sighter


The Expendable Laser Sighter was developed to provide a safe, reliable and cost-effective method of illuminating the precise area of a target for either NAU attachment or Shaped Charge focus.

xLS is a disposable Laser Sighter that is battery operated and pressure tested to 300M. The xLS uses a green, 100mW, class IIIB laser for underwater use only and can be used on COBRA or other ROV's to illuminate the target.

  • Cost-effective, expendable laser sighter for underwater use only
  • Non-magnetic Aluminium construction
  • Will illuminate the precise area of a target without parallax errors
  • Good visibility even at long distances due to less absorption of green light in water
  • Supplied with a single use dispersable plug complete with pull off safety clip

The xLS has the option of a Hydrostatic switch to be used during training operations, it activates the laser between 8-10m depth.

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